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 Post subject: Factory Appearing First- ZL-1 Engine Block Approval
PostPosted: Fri Feb 19, 2010 9:12 pm 
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ZL-1 Engine Block Approval

For those who need a reminder, the ZL-1 was an aluminum version (heads and block) of the Chevy Mark IV big block. Designed for racing, it appeared on the scene in 1969, displacing 427 ci and making more than 500 hp. An instant powerhouse in drag racing and, later, in Can Am road racing, the ZL-1 also found its way into a handful of '69 production cars-the rarest of the famed COPO Camaros. These cars were sold mostly throughout the Midwest, like the famous Illinois dealership of Fred Gibb. There were even ZL-1-powered Corvettes.

The ZL-1 aluminum big block (PN 12370850), is newly cast from 356-T6M alloy, but cast from the same tooling as the original blocks and retaining the original 3946053 casting number. The four-bolt block incorporates several new features, compared to the first ZL-1s, including screw-in plugs and stronger cylinder liners. Altogether, it weighs 110 pounds, which is about 12 pounds more than it did in 1969.The best figures put the number of ZL-1 Camaros built at 69 and the number of ZL-1 Corvettes at just two. To be honest, there weren't that many built for racing, either. A couple of hundred, maybe. Those lucky enough to get their hands on one usually enjoyed success at the track, but it was a rare animal, even in its heyday.

From the start, the ZL-1 was intended as a race engine. The street versions were de-tuned just enough to make them somewhat livable on the street-or, at least, on the drive to the dragstrip. With more than 500 horses and solid lifters, the ZL-1 427s were touchy and required constant valve adjustments. But, the all aluminum motor saved about 100 pounds, compared to a big block setup, which was a welcome benefit to nose heavy Camaros and Corvettes.

Throughout its production run, though, the casting of every ZL-1 aluminum engine block was handled by Winters Foundry. Known for its trademark "snowflake" logo, Ohio based Winters has been a longtime supplier to General Motors. While the ZL-1 history dates back more than 30 years, the last few blocks were poured 20 years ago just a footnote in Winters' records. It was a footnote, however, that didn't go unnoticed by some fast thinking GM Motorsports personnel.

In the early '90s Winters was changing its casting process from the more traditional sand cast method to a permanent mold setup. The company, after deciding to clear out some of the old sand cast tooling, sent a memo to GM asking if any of the old tooling was wanted. When the list reached the desk of one Motorsports staff members, a particular seven digit casting number, 3946053, piqued his curiosity. After a little research, it was discovered to be the ZL-1's tooling. After discussing the finding with a block engineer and fellow performance zealot at GM Motorpsorts, a road trip to Canton, Ohio, was planned to examine the tooling.

The pair found the tooling gathering dust in a corner of the foundry. It hadn't been used since the '70s. Though dusty, it was in excellent condition. In fact, with an estimated 300 blocks poured altogether, it was almost new compared to tooling used to make blocks by the thousand.

We have looked at this block with great detail. The SuperCar Rules committee has decided to add this block to our approved block list. The SuperCar Series once again prides itself on being the leader in Factory Appearing musclecar racing. No other series has approved this block for all of there racers to use freely as needed to build there ZL1 Camaro or ZL1 Corvette. When using this block, all efforts should be made to machine the hex recess in the new freeze plugs to look like original square drive freeze plugs.

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